Dear Sirs,

We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves. We are STROMEK FOUNDATIONS L.L.C Specialized piling contractors in the Arabian Gulf Area. We are specialists in soil mechanics and all types of the mechanical foundations.(Piling, Shoring...etc,).Our main office is in Dubai.

STROMEK EMIRATES FOUNDATIONS (L.LC) was established in Dubai inJuly 1994 as a pilingfoundations and soil mechanics specialized contractor. Since 1994,STROMEK has been march­ ing steadily ahead in the field of mechanical foundation works in the U.A.E it has done so by contributing substantially to the development and growth of foundation works sector in the U.A.E.

Due to the sightedness and tireless endeavors of the management to meet market requirement and to satisfy the clients, could make a mark in the field of mechanical foundation works. Excellences in technology, quality and customer services are the main pillars on which STROMEK reputation rests. We have till now about 17drilling rigs with all its required service cranes & all other accessories. Inchoosing our drilling rigs fleet we had chosen it with different capacities to cover most of the required piling foundation drilling requirements including different pile diameters, pile depths and in different soil conditions.

Inour drilling rigs fleet we have small, medium and high drilling torque rigs such as IMTAF 15 AF 10,SoiiMec R-10,R-412HD, R-415, R-416,SR-50,R-622, SR-90 & R-825...etc in addition to that we have Anchoring drilling rigs SoiiMec SM-305 and SM-400 which can be used for drilling different types of ground anchors, micro piles and soil nailing.Inaddition to that we have mast mounted and crane mounted vibrohammers which can be used to drive the casing, sheet piles and steel solider piles, Also in addition to that we have enough number of service cranes, concrete pumps, mixers, desanders, generators, buckets, augers, tanks and all other accessories which enable us to execute different types of deep foundations and shoring.

We execute piles with lengths ranging up to 50.00m in depth with different diameter from 500mm diameter up to 1500mm.ln the shoring projects we did the shoring to protect different excavation levels up to 13.50m excavation depth with different systems for shoring such as sheet piles,steel
soldier piles,king post piles,contiguous piles and Secant piles in a different site conditions.

The achievements have materialized through the execution of more than 750 projects till now and some others in hand in all over the U.A.E especially in Dubai as detailed later.The management has played a crucial role in pushing forward the company to the top by using knowledge and experience. The management has focused all their efforts toward achieving the highest standards in the mechanical foundation works, all to meet the consultants, contractors and client's satisfaction.

We have the pleasure to invite you to visit us in one of our offices,sites or even through our web site and to know more about us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Thank you,

General Manager I vManaging Director